Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is our little Angel Danaly Silene Rosa she is 9 months tomorrow, WoW can you believe it its gone by so fast... check out the cutest baby face, i know i brag, but that's only because i can, she's my BaBy... who can resists this face. She pulls the cutest faces and this is one of them, Danaly is so much fun and there is never a boring moment with her, she has her own personality, loves to be around people, loves music, mickey and minnie, always laughing and smiling (laughs when mom tries to sing to her hehe) Dani now crawls everywhere and only wants to start walking asap. Dani is a gift from the heavens and is the greatest present we could have ever gotten.

Hello everyone

Welcome in our blog we are just starting, hope you all enjoy